Message From CEO

The smartphone is a computer and television device in your pocket. WiFi and the Internet feed it continual information. This means a media project today has to involve television, the internet with applications for live as well as the website and a systematic effort in social networking.

The cost for any project is based on its scale: geographic, coverage, staffing and resulting technology quantity. The point is to do it really well, regardless of scale. Then Succeed and grow. Do it badly. Fail and die. If they can state how much money is available we can define the scale with great specificity. And deliver it in 120 days from the start if deadlines are important. 

A younger audience, growing faster every year, is addicted to smartphones and Internet delivered content.  Mobile phones were a looming innovation, yet we hardly considered the immense impact on every aspect of society and business if at actually worked as claimed. Few of us expected it would birth Youtube and become a conduit for visual content , favored In short, between 1998  and 2020 just about everything that has to do with communication and visual media has changed. We see it in politics, business, advertising, social life. The essential fact is that public service broadcasters like an analog BTV and othern private broadcasters Channel must change to competitively carryout its mission to inform, educate and entertain the people of Bangladesh.

                                         Been there. Done that. Ready to do it again.