Kenneth D. Tiven, Chief Consultant

Mr. Tiven was responsible for the global media projects. Designed, trained and launched TV, New Media & radio projects in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Pakistan (2) and India (3), Bulgaria in the past twelve years.
Tiven has been involved in many “first of a kind” media projects. Among his first, the daily use of live television news based on ENG instead of film. Trained as a political scientist he obtained a Masters Degree in radio and television with honors at Columbia University’s School of Journalism. Early in his career he moved into high level management. At CNN he managed technology projects; outside the United States, his technology skills created several national channels, where his personal approach in dealing with people was of paramount importance.

CNN, Atlanta, GA Vice president Television systems, 1992-1997 Vice president, Research and Development. 1997 to 2002 Responsible for bringing new technologies not new process to CNN, Co-Creator of CNN Internet startup

Star Sports Network, Mumbai 2013-14. Designed 12-studio digital complex to produce an eight-channel sports network for Star. Built in high definition, it integrated production space with editorial space in ways not previously envisioned in India. Created workflow plans
Radio Free Europe, Prague, Czech Republic 2010-11 Designed high definition and central TV technical facilities for US agency expanding its video presence.

Headlines Today, India 2003,
Star Ananda, West Bengal, India, 2005,
Star Majha, Maharashtra, India 2007,
Sakaal TV News, Maharashtra, India 2008,
ABP Network News. New Delhi, India, 2015
Star Sports Network, Mumbai 2014.
News 7, Sofia Bulgaria 2012
Puls TV, Vienna, Austria 2004,
GEO TV, Pakistan 2002,
Dawn News, Pakistan 2007,
Dunya TV, Pakistan 2008,
ETV, South Africa, 1998.
SABC AFRICA, 2000, 24:7
NTV Uganda, 2006-2007,
K24 TV and Kemmeme Radio, Kenya 2007,
NN24 Nigeria, 2009-10,


Ger Vloothuis

Ger Vloothuis is a seasoned electrical and telecommunications engineer, active in the sales, development, manufacturing and support of advanced fibre optic transmission equipment.

Mostly deployed in residential estate networks and rural community networks for the delivery of Internet, telephony and television services (Triple play networks).

Ger has been doing that for a while, from the early all-coax CATV networks in the late sixties through Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) networks with DOCSIS cablemodems to the current state-of-the-art triple-play Fibre to the Home (FTTH) networks.

Ger is not only engaged into worldwide deployments of networks but also participates heavily in the design and development of the requisite electronics and optronics, now in much demand by system integrators and network operators.